#improFest Berlin - Theater im Delphi

20 Sep '22 / 18:00

#improFest Berlin | Theater im Delphi

Gustav-Adolf-Str. 2
13086 Berlin


15€ (normal), 10€ (ermäßigt) oder 25€ (Soliticket <3)

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#improFest Berlin - Theater im Delphi

Stegreif, back in Berlin!

Where there is celebration, there is music - and for #improFest music itself is the occasion for celebration. Without chairs, without genre boundaries, with lots of fun making music, this evening is dedicated to the whole-body and communal experience of music.

With workshop, concert and musician:s' inside discussions in a relaxed atmosphere, improvisation, interpretation and body use are the focus. How can music be created in the moment and in contact with the audience? Where do improvisation and composition meet? How can even a symphony be improvised?

Optionally, an introductory workshop gives an exciting insight into the work as well as the central themes of the Stegreif Orchester. The subsequent concert will pick up on this directly, and after-show drinks will provide an opportunity to talk about what we have experienced.

18:00 : Workshop
20:00 : Concert
21:00 : Aftershow drinks

Image (Header) (C) Roman Novitzky
Image (running text) (C) Philipp Müller

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