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It is a time of new beginnings. In the safe lap of stability that has defined the last decades, prosperity, security and saturation have been able to bloom. The destructive consequences of our way of living have only really come to light in recent years. And now, as we slowly lower our gaze, we recognise at our feet the withered earth that shapes our otherwise green landscapes. It is a time of change. #bechange deals with the different perspectives on the crises of our time in an intensive musical-discursive exploration and draws their facets with vibrant colours. Over a period of two years, the STEGREIF.orchestra will develop a sustainable symphony with people from all the German federal states in an exploration of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Its four components grow around the works of four female composers, which are arranged into independent productions by members of the orchestra.

#bechange asks about the change in each and every one of us and invites musicians and audience to make room for their perspective on this crisis. Louder and quiet voices resound with each other in an open discussion of hope, guilt and responsibility in the face of the challenges of our time. The international STEGREIF.orchestra uses improvisation, movement in space and a concert form without a conductor or sheet music to link all the elements of the concert hall and thus creates the emotional sound body of the first sustainable symphony with all the people on stage, in the auditorium and in the stands.

#bechange is supported by the Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media

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