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The production „Giovanni“ is a genre-bending opera, performed entirely from memory, without a conductor or an orchestra pit. This format connects selections from Mozart's music with newly developed recitative forms and offers a fresh approach to both the musical and staging aspects of the performance. It is also an excellent format for engaging new audiences, especially younger demographics, and planting the seeds for a long term passion for opera. 

artistic director: Juri de Marco | stage director: Ulrike Schwab | arrangements: Malte Schiller, Alistair Duncan, Anna-Sophie Brüning, Juri de Marco & Members of Stegreif | musical production: Anna-Sophie Brüning | setting/décor : Pia Dederichs und Marina Stefan | project concept / dramaturgy: Bernhard Glocksin

with: Hrund Ósk Árnadóttir, Daniel Arnaldos, Derya Atakan, Thomas Florio, Enrico Wenzel, Justus Wilcken, and the members of the Stegreif. orchester Leon Albert, Anne-Sophie Bereuter, Franz Berlin, Julia Bilat, Anna-Sophie Brüning, Bertram Burkert, Sebastian Casper, Nikola Djurica, Konstantin Döben, Alistair Duncan, Nina Kazourian, Laura Lorx, Juri de Marco, Helena Montag, Jakob Petzl, Maria Reich, Antonio Rivero

GIOVANNI is a production of the Neuköllner Oper and the STEGREIF.orchester. It was funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds and supported by the Alfred-Töpfer-Stiftung, the Karl-Schlecht-Stiftung, Radialsystem V and the Ministry of Science and Culture of Lower Saxony.

Photo: Matthias Heyde

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