The circle of friends of the STEGREIF.orchestra

The is managed by Dr. Andrea Palent.

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Become part of the!

Since the very beginning of STEGREIF e.V., numerous personal and professional friends have supported the orchestra, promoting our productions and projects and making the orchestra what it is. Become a member of the and join a circle of people who want to revolutionize classical music and explore new paths with us. With your annual donation you support young, energetic orchestra work in the long term and strengthen the roots from which our work is nourished. Every support goes directly to our orchestra and gives us the opportunity to continue our growth.

As part of our, we welcome you backstage. You will get personal insights into our rehearsals and productions, way of working or future plans. In contact with members of the family and the orchestra you will get access to background information and be the first to hear about new projects. You become part of the we are looking forward to seeing the future with you.

We thank you for your commitment to the with:

  •    STEGREIF.gang
       from 25€/year

     -a pair of STEGREIF.socks
     -inclusion in the forum

  •     STEGREIF.friends
        from 200€/year

     -one pair of STEGREIF.socks
     -a poster with signatures of all musicians
     -sending of the latest DVD
     -inclusion in the forum

  •     STEGREIF.partner
        from 500€/year

     -one pair of STEGREIF.socks
     -sending of the current DVD
     -participation in the warm-up of the orchestra
     -attendance of a dress rehearsal
     -if desired, mentioning by name in the list of the
     friends and supporters on the STEGREIF website
     -inclusion in the forum


You can find all information in our  We are looking forward to meeting you!

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